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About Us


At Freckled Pine, our mission is to inspire children to become "Wrapped Up In Imagination." As two devoted moms with a combined total of nine children, we understand the importance of keeping our little ones engaged without relying on screens.

While technology has its place, we noticed that excessive screen time was stifling our children's creative expression. That's why we created Freckled Pine – to reignite the magic of imaginative play and encourage our children to embrace their individuality.

We're passionate about fostering imagination and creativity in children. Our high-quality, 100% cotton muslin play blankets are designed to spark endless hours of imaginative play. By limiting screen time, we're empowering children to nurture their creativity and explore the boundless world of their imagination in a more meaningful way.

Join us on this journey to rediscover the joy of unbridled imagination and let your child's creativity soar with Freckled Pine.